Edinburgh School of Icon Painting was founded in September 2013. It is a small and special art school based in the artist hub St. Margaret’s House in Edinburgh. Thriving artist community of artists that is always welcomes public.
Edinburgh Palette

The school mission is to teach icon painting (writing) to people of all different backgrounds but at the same time maintaining the ethos and essence of it’s spirituality. Introducing this unique form of art to students of the school I introduce a way of practising art which is different the other forms of art and it is said to be more then just art.

Students learn egg tempera technique which has been used by painters for centuries and it is one of the most lasting painting techniques. There are still reasonably well preserved orthodox icons from VI Century.
Egg tempera involves preparing own paints using egg yolk and dry pigments. Through the whole process of work we try to limit synthetic materials. Using organic materials helps to develop a connection with nature and in consequence with the Divine.

Students learn traditional techniques including gold gilding but can produce contemporary pieces. It is possible to work on non icon as well. Below few examples of contemporary icons and a portrait in icon style.

Greta Lesko

Eliah Greta Lesko

Ivanka Demchuk

Ivanka Demchuk

Sergiy Radkevich

Sergiy Radkevich Self portrait